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Migration of Microsoft Access Database for Marketing Company

Client Requirements

Örn Marketing has for more than 50 years helped marine companies to plan and execute advertisement campaigns internationally.

The client was looking to migrate their 1997 version of MS Access Database to MS Access Database 2016 for further stability and support. Along with the data migration certain features which were available only in 1997 version were to be created in the 2016 edition as well as where resolving some issues with functionalities that had stopped working.


Otivr procured their request and put together a team with expertise in technologies needed for the project from a company with 15+ years’ experience from similar projects.

Otivr personnel supported the client with project scoping, negotiation and procurement, monitoring the project deliverables, payments administration and after the milestones were completed Otivr personnel held evaluation sessions with the client to conclude the project deliverables.


A successfully migration of application and database to Microsoft Access 2016 with all functionalities working properly and a tool to support the client’s business for many years to come.


  1. Maintained quick turnaround time for all the issues raised by the client
  2. Supported client by implementing some fixes directly on the client’s machine as client faced some difficulties
  3. Created multi-user-access

I am pleased with Otivr’s service and glad that I trusted my project to them. They have been very helpful from reviewing my project with their team to choosing a high-quality supplier and all the way to finalizing the project deliverables, it has been an incredibly smooth and successful experience. I will definitely use Otivr again for future needs.

Roland Persson

Founder, Örn Marketing

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