What is it?

With Otivr’s recruitment model we help you hire and secure cost-effective and professional software developers to your team, integrating with your in-house team to increase its output with great flexibility. The experienced developers from Otivr will smoothly integrate with your current team and support your projects with their expertise from start. Otivr takes full administrative responsibility for our candidates and arrange with all necessities and administration so that you can focus on your projects.

Needed When:

  • 1You need fast and flexible scaling of your in-house team with experienced professionals, with reduced administration, to work on your projects
  • 2You have a hard time securing IT talent and cannot afford a long-lasting hiring process
  • 3You have long-term development needs and need flexible and secure solutions for your in-house capabilities

You Get:

  • Flexible scaling of inhouse

  • Transparent pricing

  • Fast time-to-market

  • Reduced

  • Long-term
    IT-competency provider

  • Top candidates
    at a competitive rate


Otivr's Recruitment Model

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