Screening Process

Quality verified it partners

Otivr has a rigorous screening process to identify and qualify suppliers that are serious about bringing you the best IT outsourcing experience. We have a close collaboration with the suppliers to understand their capabilities and core competencies in depth. Among other things, we look at the company’s background, certifications and awards, employees, product and services, delivery models, language and technical skills, capability of catering to international clients and references, to ensure highest quality of IT services.

Out of thousands of suppliers Otivr screen, less than 10% qualify to call themselves an Otivr Quality Verified IT Partner.

Otivr screening process

Pre-Screening 1

In a first step, a pre-screening of the company is performed based on publicly available information before we consider a company. A thorough background check of the company determines if a company has the potential of becoming a quality verified IT Partner

Data Collection and Analysis

Otivr collects data and information about the company’s services, resources, delivery centers, team selection process, training process, delivery models, focus areas, core competencies, certifications, business models and more to verify the quality of the supplier. We perform testing of the resource skills and do reference checks with previous clients

Interviews 3

In-depth interview is conducted with the company management to get a better understanding of the company’s background, capabilities and expertise after data collection and analysis is completed. We also look at the company’s current business activities to determine if they have the qualities and propositions we seek for our clients


In a last step, the company is onboarded to Otivr which is an important step to align the supplier with Otivr delivery processes, terms, core values, rules and policies to ensure highest quality for all services delivered to our clients

verified supplier

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We believe that the key for succeeding with your project is to work with companies that are experts within their niche and have a proven track record and in-depth industry experience. Otivr's supplier are reliable IT Partners which for decades have been delivering IT projects and resources globally at competitive rates.

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