What is it?

With Otivr’s project model we take your requirements and help you to define and clearly specify your project with set goals, time lines and budget. This is a low-risk option where Otivr helps you turn your idea into a working product by passing all project risks to Otivr. We apply agile development methodology to ensure a smooth and flexible delivery of the project with Nordic consultants and support.

Need This When:

  • 1There is a clear project scope and you have a fixed budget
  • 2There is a short-term need and you do not want to establish a permanent development team
  • 3You have requirements and want Otivr to take the operational responsibility to plan and execute the project within set time frame and budget

You get:

  • Consultation on requirements & implementation

  • Nordic project manager & support

  • Fast time-to-market

  • Reduced operational risks

  • Fixed budget & time lines

  • Cost savings up to 50-70%

Case Studies

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OTIVR Project Model

  • Requirement analysis

    We first understand your requirements and together with you conclude the project scope, timelines and assumptions

  • Finalization

    Otivr handles final scoping and offering. Thereafter we setup contracts, secure escrow payments, project reporting and prepare for project kick-off

  • Delivery of milestones

    We deliver each clearly defined milestone and after each milestone is completed and approved by the client, we proceed with the next until the project is fully completed. No milestone payments are released from escrow before the client has received all agreed deliverables and approved the milestone completion

  • Proposal

    Otivr makes you a proposal with project scope and deliverables, assumptions, time estimations and cost

  • Project start

    Otivr and the client kick-off the project with a startup meeting. Ahead of the meeting project sprints, reporting and monitoring are prepared and setup

  • Project conclusion

    When all project milestones have been delivered and approved by the client, Otivr concludes the project with an evaluation session together with the client. We also assist the client with planning further development requirements and setup an execution plan for coming projects and needs

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