Developers Offshore

What is it?

With Otivr’s offshore model you smoothly and quickly scale your IT team with software developers, designers and QA engineers offshore. We will take your requirements to quote for a single consultant or assemble your dream team which we manage for you offshore, you just tell us what you need. Your extended team increases your output and cut your costs very flexibly, without compromising on your requirements or business needs.

Need This When:

  • 1You need fast and flexible scaling of your team, with reduced administration, to develop your products and features
  • 2You have hard time securing IT talent and cannot afford a long-lasting hiring process
  • 3You have development needs and cannot defocus the core team to execute your projects

You Get:

  • Flexible scaling of

  • Transparent pricing

  • Fast time-to-market

  • Reduced

  • No recruitment and
    retention costs

  • Cost savings
    up to 50-70%

OUR developers

OTIVR Offshore Model

  • Requirement analysis

    We first understand your requirements and together with you conclude which suitable profiles we need to find for your company's needs

  • Candidate selection

    Otivr moderate interviews with the selected candidates, tests and other type of due diligence of skills requested by the client

  • Test month

    The client is always offered a trial period of 1 month to evaluate the consultant and during which the client has the right to terminate the contract if for some reason not satisfied

  • Proposal

    Otivr screens and selects the best available resources in its pool of IT talent to match your requirements and makes you a proposal of candidate profile

  • Kick-off

    Otivr and the client kick-off the assignment with a startup meeting together with the consultant to ensure maximum effect of the consultant’s time and effort

  • Contract with flexible terms

    After the trial period the assignment continues where the client has very flexible contracts with 1 month's termination notice period for the first developer

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