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Which is the best e-commerce platform?

Choosing an ecommerce platform really depends on what you want to receive for your business. All the ecommerce platforms mentioned above are some of the most popular options but there are many others that are worth looking into. This list doesn’t go into great detail, it just gives you an overview of the top 5 most popular platforms so you can get a general idea of what they include.


Dec 17 2018

Lack of IT talents in the Nordics

This shortage of IT skills can greatly affect the outcome of businesses and reduce the ability for them to grow. This can become a huge problem for the Nordic countries because if they don’t get anything back from the large amounts of investment capital they are receiving they will fail to keep their business running.


Dec 12 2018

How Otivr helps solve the lack of IT talents in the Nordics

A lack of skilled workers is not just a question of numbers. The consequences of this lack in the amount skilled workers is way more serious than it might appear at first. Businesses will find it progressively more difficult to grow in a competitive market without the right talent for their technological operations.


Dec 06 2018

Outsourcing for startups

Outsourcing is a very appealing strategy for startups due to the large amount of savings. Most new companies don’t have nor need all the resources to host a full in-house team for all their projects.


Nov 27 2018

Why should your e-commerce business use outsourcing?

Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business and compete with the best global companies. You save on costs while getting access to quality services and technologies. 60% of the total outsourcing market is made up of IT workers which shows you towards its massive demand and popularity. Running an e-commerce business can become a lot easier when you choose to outsource. It reduces the need for resources and saves you time to put forth managing daily core business.


Nov 19 2018

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