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Premium E-commerce and iPad App for Unique Products

Client Requirements

Jaypore is an e-commerce startup procuring premium ethnic items created by artists and craftsmen throughout India and selling these to customers in USA.

Jaypore wanted to connect their exclusive customers to local Indian artisans and craftsmen. The idea was to create an iPad app, powered by a reliable e-commerce engine which could deliver a rich storytelling experience. They also wanted the engine to manifest the authenticity and heritage of unique ethnic Indian products. Also, they wanted the user experience (UX) to be a big differentiator for them and the key demand was to develop a superior UX reflecting their brand.


The scope was to deliver the iPad app as well as the e-commerce engine which was developed using Magento. A dedicated team was assigned and the team was divided into two. One team started developing the backend in Magento to integrate payment gateway and other third-party web services. The other team started developing the iOS app. The project was executed using agile and scrum methodology.

The Jaypore native app was developed using iOS framework. In order to solve the multiple image browsing issues on iPad, a multi-threading technique was used for downloading images on different secondary threads instead of primary thread. This helped in reducing the system's response-time and prevented images from overlapping. The multi-threading technique backed the entire storytelling concept of Jaypore app and made the app browsing experience extremely delightful and smooth on iPad devices.

The back-end was built using Magento. In addition to that, some Magento plugins were integrated to improve the performance of the app. Wherever a third-party plugin was not available, new plugins were created. The e-commerce engine was hosted on Amazon cloud to deliver a non-interruptive service to users.


Jaypore was able to deliver a premium iPad app and exclusive e-commerce experience to their customers. The team was able to deliver the project within the pre-defined deadlines and the launch of the app was a huge success.

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