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Development of Learning Control Management System (LCMS)

Client Requirements

Nordian is one of the leading content providers in Aviation training. Their main activities include development of modern training material and training systems, distance learning management and consultancy services within all fields of aviation training.

The client wanted to upgrade and completely revamp their existing LCMS which was based on dated technology and was long due for a complete revamp. The company wanted to provide enhanced features to existing and new students both online and offline.


The team reviewed the specs and a customized solution was proposed and approved for the LCMS. The system includes various sections such as:

  • Instructors
  • Students
  • Nordian user / Super admin
  • ATO Organization
  • ATO Administrator

Each of the above user has separate access and role-based controls which allow them to add/edit course and assign to other users. Students can also practice exams and can monitor their progress reports. There are number of practice exams and a question bank which can be managed through the system in a same format.

The backend control system is divided into separate modules based on the security privileges.

Each task on the system be monitored and notified to every user based on their roles. If some training materials/eBooks /M-books/ CBT/Distance Learning Material that include -Study Plans, Self-Assessment tests /Question Bank is updated on the system the notification is received by every user and can be traced by super admin.


The new system has been instrumental in increasing the client list for Nordian and enhanced revenue. With the system, students can remotely access the learning materials and participate in exams which was lacking in the previous version.

Also, the new system reduces the need to purchase expensive hardware/software as the system has everything at one place.

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