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Customized Web Application for Estimating Leakage of Air

Client Requirements

Client required a web application that will allow engineers, architects, designers and contractors to easily and accurately estimate the leakage of air from ductwork.

The application also needed have a user-friendly interface so that it is easy to use and also provide an immersive user experience.


The team developed a web app with an attractive and user-friendly GUI that have multi-browser support feature. The app allows to gather project related info from the user such as Project Name, Test Pressure and Unit (English or Metric). It enables user to add / view / update / delete the details of all the sections associated with the given project and will help user to view consolidated report of same in PDF format or email the report.

App have all the input fields necessary for the calculation and after filling the desired values, user can submit the information and the app will calculate the leakage details e.g. Duct Shape (Rectangle, Flat Oval, Round or Custom) and Leakage class (numeric values). It performs all the calculations as per the guidelines mentioned under HVAC duct construction manuals in the minimal possible time and optimizes the way of generating rectangular duct solutions, using inputs provided by the user.

It allows users to combine multiple sections of ductwork that vary by size and shape to calculate total allowable leakage.


The application enabled the user to find a leak faster and in an easy way by just entering the needed parameters and allowing the app to do the calculation. It also optimizes the solution generation for rectangular ducts based on the input from the end user.

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