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IoT Solution to Monitor and Control Energy Consumption

Client Requirements

The client’s requirement was to develop an end-to-end solution to monitor and control the status of industrial equipment and monitor the energy consumption of a shop floor. Also, the client needed an interface that will be easy to use and easily accessible.


The first step was designing and developing of a data strategy for IoT solution. Architecting and Advance modelling of the solution was done in ThingWorx development environment. A data model was created in the ThingWorx platform that is suitable for storing, analyzing and visualizing the data subject to the data aggregation / disaggregation. Then a prototype was created of an alert mechanism using the platform, where a notification (popup window, text message, email) is generated when any required conditions are met.

A simulation was created for test data by ThingWorx SDKs using Always On protocol. The last step was making deployment related strategy for highly scalable and available ThingWorx solution on different clouds service providers like AWS and Azure. Various wireless sensors are used to continuously gather the data about various shop floor parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure etcetera. The data is stored and shown in form of a web application that can be used to remotely control and monitor the shop floor.


The solution enabled the client to do effective monitoring and keep close track of the equipment’s and thereby control their status, facilitating proper Inventory Management. It also helped in monitoring the energy consumption per each shop floor using information from various incorporated sensors.

Also, a notification functionality had been implemented where the user is notified through pop-ups, texts or email whenever any required conditions are met.

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