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Native iOS and Android Game Management App

Client Requirements

The client requirement was to develop an iOS and Android app for league coaches and manager to line up their team members and share PDF-files with the organizers.

The client wanted a universal app that makes pre-game strategy simple to set the lineup and position players over iPhone, iPad or Android phone and tablet.


An app was developed for Youth league coaches and managers. This app helps team coaches for batting line-ups and in positioning players for youth baseball tournaments. The app supports iPhone / iPad plus Android phones and tablets and makes baseball game management easy and organized.

The app also has the ability to edit available positions and allow managers to add extra players and outfielders. It eliminates paper work and reports can be saved and shared as a PDF or compatible Excel file for the league. The app can sync between the phone and tablet and can be accessed from anywhere. Basically, the app is like a social platform for coaches and managers.


The app has provided an ideal game management app for little league and youth league managers and coaches. It has helped coaches and managers in saving time, and touch screens have enabled last minute changes in lineup simple by dragging the order around.

Since its launch, the app has gained a dedicated fan following in the baseball community with a very active and engaged user base.

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