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  • SharePoint 2013, PowerShell Script, C#, Microsoft SQL Server

Dynamic CMS using SharePoint

Client Requirements

Client wanted to manage a dynamic Content Management System and to make it compatible with mobile and web along with differentiation in design.

Key challenges faced during the implementation of solution were:

  • development of some functionality which is only applicable for desktop but not for the mobile site
  • hosting newly developed functionality on existing site
  • developing the highly reliable and scalable system and even maintaining the prevention of the existing site data loss
  • maintaining different design for mobile and desktop site
  • developing an application without affecting the changes in the client's existing desktop application


The client's requirements and objectives were achieved by developing a solution in SharePoint, against the alternate solution to developing the solution from the scratch and to provide the mobile support for an existing desktop application. The mobile support for the previously developed application with new technology preferences was offered in SharePoint which manages the client's information.

Key features offered includes:

  • Manage different customized page reusability for mobile support for the existing desktop applications, to display information based on different page content types
  • Maintain different reusable view for different mobile support (i.e. mobile and iPad view)
  • Maintain the development of different common section for the mobile and iPad view
  • Manage the dynamic content of the navigation menu by providing the navigation link for the home page to maintain the redirection to a sub-section of the content
  • Also manage the dynamic content of the information, for maintaining the client's ease for managing the structure
  • Allow the custom property management to the clients for accessing the information
  • The solution supports different functionalities like job searching, apply for online job, tell a friend about site and job openings
  • Manage the details about goods location and its related tracking information
  • Customized search result feature with enterprise level search option throughout the solution


The mobile support solution for the existing desktop application stimulated client’s business with multiple businesses accelerating features. The client raised extensive benefits by virtue of the developed application, which let the end users track their product rapidly and let client share latest updates amongst users and help him to establish his strong online presence.

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