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White Label Data Analytic Platform

Client Requirements

The client was looking to develop a solution to automate and lock the details when someone knocks the door and has any enquiry. They wanted a white label data analytic platform to provide services to business entrepreneurs to track the leads generated from the web portals. The platform would work as a crawler that tracks the user input on the website as they surf across the website.


A white label, robust and reliable data analytics platform was designed and developed with intelligent algorithms to capture and record the user visit on web interfaces. The automated system provides the ability for the client to register their web interfaces and track the number of leads / users that visited their web application and how they traversed the interface.

The web application enables its registered user to subscribe for the paid services and track their leads online. Clients can also track the common and most frequent users, their requirements and contact details. It gets refreshed automatically and provide analytics based on the time scheduled by the client. The system is tested on many runtime environments and generates reports for the users in many extensions.

The web app has the following features:

  • Create account
  • Enter your web portal
  • Set the scheduler
  • View Real Time leads (refreshed after the scheduled interval)
  • Generate Reports


The platform allows the user to track the real-time leads. The platform also categorizes between the most frequent visitors and less frequent ones proving their contact details also so that the user can track their requirement and get in touch with them thereby grow their business.

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