Case Studies

  • US Based Private Company
  • Big Data
  • AWS OpsWorks, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Snap-CI, Docker, NGINX

AWS OpsWorks Deployment Automation

Client Requirements

The client required a solution to automate the continuous deployment via a blue / green strategy. The deployment process should run the integration test.

He also needed to switch the traffic to new set of production servers once the integration test is passed.


The team designed a solution to automate the continuous deployments in various stages, prepare deployment, deploy to staging, test staging, prepare staging for production, switch to production and clean-up.

Lambda function picks up the artifact from S3 and triggers OpsWorks deployment in staging environment. OpsWorks deploys the application in docker container. Once artifacts are deployed to staging layer, ghost inspector will start running the test cases.

After all the test cases are passed in the traffic is switched to the newly deployed servers.


The solution has not only helped the company to save costs, but also increased their customer engagement. There has been an increase in the revenue generated and resulted in faster decision making.

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