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AR solution for Bacardi Tour

Client Requirements

Bacardi wanted to illustrate their presence in the music and entertainment community, so they wanted to create a tech-forward experimental recruitment campaign to start in the bars and stand-out among the variety of on-premise sampling events.

They wanted to develop an augmented reality app which would allow the patrons to see Bacardi girl dancing on tablet device and then give them chance to win various music shows.


An augmented reality enabled, and Vuforia powered, application and CMS was developed to feed in the content (video, target coupons). The application allows the user to scan a label or print on the device and a virtual Bacardi girl will start dancing over the table area in the bar. The user can start recording the screen during this playback, and app will create video of the same. The users can then email that video link to their friends.

Cutting-edge AR content brings life-sized Bacardi festival girls to life before consumer's eyes. Accessed by iPad, the girls dance alongside real-life bar patrons.


Bacardi got 3 000 unique registrations in the first five weeks of 26+ week program across eight markets; over 50% of registrants opting to supplemental digital engagements to gain additional entries. This in turn increased the client’s revenue generation.

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