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  • Viggeby Data
  • Custom Application Development
  • AngularJS, Angular 2 / 4 / 5, C#, ASP.NET Core, VB.NET, SharePoint, LINQ, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Razor Engine, SQL server

Fullstack .NET Developer to support IT Consultant Company

Client Requirements

Viggeby Data provides IT services, software development and industrial automation. Viggeby Data was for its client looking for a full-stack developer to maintain and enhance a Swedish portal which handles more than 2,000 websites for various regions.

Earlier Viggeby Data tried to use local consultants by their pricing were too high and did not allow the capacity needed. The developer was needed to improve and further develop the portal including manage latest news, activities and other modules and archives.


Otivr delivered a high-performing tech lead with 6+ years’ experience within web and software development and extensive knowledge in Microsoft technologies, such as .NET, and AngularJS needed for the assignment.

After a couple of weeks after the assignment started the client needed an experienced full-stack developer for WordPress platform, and here Otivr again provided a tech lead with 6+ years’ of relevant experience for the assignment.

With Otivr’s Resource Model, which includes candidate interviews, negotiation and procurement, setup of contract and time reporting, and secure escrow payments, the client was able to find and start working with the two developers within 2 weeks from client request to Otivr.


The developers have delivered all planned tasks and assignments according to client expectations within expected timelines. The developers have been self-going and easy to work with.

The portal is new portal is now ready to be deployed and new functions have been added to increase user experience. Viggeby was satisfied with the full-stack developer delivered by Otivr and requested a second full-stack developer for WordPress development which was delivered with short notice.

Jag är mycket imponerad av Otivr och nöjd med deras tjänster hittills. Det har varit lätt att kommunicera och planera arbetet med utvecklaren, hon är professionell och har utmärkta tekniska kunskaper. Jag kan varmt rekommendera Otivr för företag som söker kompetenta och professionella utvecklare till mycket konkurrenskraftiga priser.

Björn Larsson

CTO, Viggeby Data

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