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  • NodeJS, Electron, Rasberry Pi, Java Swing, Github, Trello

Scaling of Rasberry Pi Application

Client Requirements

The client offers digital signs and large-format LED displays to a numerous customer segments and their products are widely used in events, concerts and tradeshows.

The client had high-priority customer-facing projects to be delivered and was in need to scale their application to various media formats as well as other varying requirements such as modernization of the UI, refactoring the existing code and bug fixing.


Otivr put together a development team with expertise in various technologies needed for the project, among others having experience in building applications on top of Rasberry Pi. The team included a senior Project Manager and a backend developer supported by a QA team.

Otivr administered all communications and scoping between client and the supplier, contract setup, time reporting and secure escrow payments to ensure good quality in the deliverables. Otivr personnel held an evaluation session with the client to conclude the project and assist with further development needs as required.


The development team optimized the client’s code, user interface and user experience, gave consultation based on their expertise and delivered the project in accordance with client expectations.


  1. Maintained quick turnaround time for all queries
  2. QA team understood the product and the end customer and were able to discover and resolve bugs that could cause additional trouble in longer run
  3. Lean and agile approach to development of their products ensuring timely delivery of the project

When we came to Otivr our existing code and architecture was giving us a lot of trouble in terms of user interface and user experience. Otivr provided us a sound technical solution and delivered upon it. It was very easy to work with the Otivr team, including robust project management with transparent and open communication. They make sure that each deadline is met and the technology deployed by them will make our product future-proof.

Mathias Palmer

Founder, LEDtec International

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