Case Studies

  • Collective Leadership Institute
  • Custom Application Development
  • PHP 5.6, WordPress 4.8, MySQL

Self-assessment Tool

Client Requirements

The client approached with the preliminary requirement to develop an online assessment tool around their collective leadership ‘Compass’ brand.

The project is a bit complex as it required a real time compass tool based on user inputs on the objective survey followed by six dimensions of life that completes the life compass.


The team worked with the client to prepare the storyboard based on the client idea and advised the client to divide the project into three phases:

  • Individual (Trail)
  • Organization Level (Paid version)
  • Social Sharing and Networking

The COMPASS Tool complies with the uniqueness of Diagnosis and Action Plan followed by the assessment monitoring attributes for the users and allows the organization to provide the planning process approach based on the user requisite. The results are gradually displayed through graphical aspects in the standard graph image provided by the organization.

On a broader level, the business model of the project is the meta-level guiding tool for navigating complex change in a collaborative way. It focuses on invigorating co-creative human interaction patterns as core drivers of transition processes and empowers leaders and change agents to navigate collaboration successfully by attending to a pattern of interacting human competences followed by six aspects of life.


The tool has been a huge success and was delivered on time. The online tool will be the graphical formation of various aspects of client which completes the compass and would also acts as a social networking platform between registered clients.

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