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Development of Web Platform for Temporary Furnishing

Client Requirements

The temporary housing providers furnish the properties as per the needs of the guests and arrange to clean them and maintain them. Any special requirements of the clients are also mostly arranged for in collaboration with vendors.

This requires managing a large number of guests, properties, suppliers, vendors and work tickets for the staff.

Following goals were needed to meet:

  • Guest management – managing the complete guest information, requirement, reservations and the entire history
  • Property management - managing thousands of properties across the country, their complete details including placement types, parking, pets, guest charges etc.
  • Vendor management –ensuring the right furniture is available at the right location at the right time and more
  • Work Tickets –work tickets to staff with automatic escalations ensure that all services are provided as planned


A web-based solution was provided wherein any temporary housing provider can register and start using the application to manage all their reservations, properties, clients, suppliers and invoicing.

Individual guests or insurance adjusters from companies contact temporary housing provider executives and give information about their needs. Executives can enter guests’ details and suggest a suitable property using inventory. System auto suggests the vacancy units based on the address and the needs listed.

Insurance adjusters are also given a separate web portal to enter the new prospects with required facilities.

Price and facility comparison between selected units makes it easy for the executive to offer competitive properties. Tabs are built to show all the information related to a guest in a single page. Executives can specify a higher price on a busy day or less price if there is a discount offered to guest. System generates emails for all the activities like guest move-in, move-out, add a new furnished item to the property, unit lease starts and ending of a contract.

Web services are written to supply data between our system and third-party systems. Every time there is an extension or change in the guest requirements, those details are immediately synced with these systems. As part of the guest booking many documents like lease agreements, extension agreements and document for change in charges are system generated automatically. The documents are stored in the server directly.

A lot of reports are built using SQL stored procedures. System users are given different roles so that only respective person accesses the authorized modules. Master settings are provided to add custom values for example unit types, guest industry types, allowed pet types and package types.


The web platform increased the ease of doing business and also increased the firm’s revenue. The platform is very popular among the users with high ratings given from both the users and the client.

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