Kareena Kumar

UX/UI Mobile Designer


An experienced mobile designer with passion for User Interface Design, User Experience, User Study, Brand Development and developing solutions for mobile and web applications.

  • Extensive experience in creating sketches, wireframes, UX structure, prototyping visual design concepts and providing solution for a new navigation system
  • Previous work includes Logo designing, Brochure designing, Print Media Designs, Applications and Tools Designs
  • Graphic Designer for multiple early-stage ventures and a graffiti artist in her hometown with substantial recognition in the region

Seniority level


Experience level

7+ years

Offered skills


CMS / Frameworks / Languages / Libraries / Paradigms

XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe XD, Sketch, Adobe Premiere, Invision, Android Studio


English, Hindi, Gujarati, UX / UI Design, Mobile App Design, Web Design, Responsive Design, Layout

Education level

Master of Design in User Experience, Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media



Senior Designer

Technologies used

UX / UI Design, Mobile App Design, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Invision


Designed a mobile app for a professional media and e-commerce facilitator. The designed features included finding jobs, finding candidates for job vacancies, communication between stakeholders and advertising and publishing features.


Senior Designer

Technologies used

UX / UI Design, Mobile App Design, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Invision


UI / UX design for a mobile app created to aid micromanagement of small tea stalls in the client’s local market. The work included understanding and proposing a solution for a mobile app design to digitalize and improve tea vendors day-to-day life and increase sales.

OTIVR Offshore Model

  • Requirement analysis

    We first understand your requirements and together with you conclude which suitable profiles we need to find for your company's needs

  • Candidate selection

    Otivr moderate interviews with the selected candidates, tests and other type of due diligence of skills requested by the client

  • Test month

    The client is always offered a trial period of 1 month to evaluate the consultant and during which the client has the right to terminate the contract if for some reason not satisfied

  • Proposal

    Otivr screens and selects the best available resources in its pool of IT talent to match your requirements and makes you a proposal of candidate profile

  • Kick-off

    Otivr and the client kick-off the assignment with a startup meeting together with the consultant to ensure maximum effect of the consultant’s time and effort

  • Contract with flexible terms

    After the trial period the assignment continues where the client has very flexible contracts with 1 month's termination notice period for the first developer

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