Ram Kumar

Backend Python Developer


A senior backend Python developer with strong analytical skills and with ability to quickly learn and adapt to new environments. He has extensively worked in Python web application’s development and is experienced working in Linux environment.

  • Has strong communicational skills and ensures good coding practices using tools like PEP8, Pylint and Django unit tests
  • Has worked on various projects with international clients as a Lead Developer and is well experienced in implementing concepts of MVC and MVT

Seniority level


Experience level

7+ years

Offered skills


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis

CMS / Frameworks / Languages / Libraries / Paradigms

Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Flask, Django, Pyramid, Celery, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Heroku, UnderscoreJS, ShellScript, Ubuntu, Linux, Amazon Web Services


Skype, Redmine, Jenkins, Jira, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS Code Deploy, GitHub, Bitbucket


English, Hindi, Agile Software Development, OOPs, MVC, MVT

Education level

Master of Computer Application


Collaboration Platform

Senior Python Developer

Technologies used

Python 2.7, Flask 0.10.0, MySQL, Flask-Restless, Pyramid, Git, AWS, Redis, Celery


A web based, feature rich solution for aspirants to refer and validate documents against required pre-defined styling formats. An in-built document was provided to ensure maximum productivity in minimum time for aspirants. Platform was also required to aid aspirants and mentors with online text chat collaboration to converse regarding projects with ease.

Web Application for Blogs

Senior Python Developer

Technologies used

Python 3.x, Django 1.x, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, DRF 3.x, AWS, Git


A web based scalable and performant web application to manage the blogs with Ads expecting millions of users specifically from commercial media domain. Key modules include:

  • Market Place (interaction of bloggers and publishers)
  • Services (Backend, Rest API)
  • Dashboard (Frontend UI)
  • Media upload (images, videos)

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