Josh Surat

Senior PHP Developer


Josh is a well experienced web developer with more than 7 years of software development work experience through the entire Software Development Life Cycle. Among others he has good working experience with ReactJS as frontend developer, NodeJS and PHP as backend, CMS such as WordPress and integrated analytics tools like GTM, CleverTap and Google Analytics.

Seniority level


Experience level

7+ years

Offered skills


MySQL, PostgreSQL

CMS / Frameworks / Languages / Libraries / Paradigms

ReactJS, NodeJS, PHP, Core JavaScript, ExpressJS, HTML, CSS, Bulma CSS, Bootstrap, Linux, EcmaScript, Redux, REST APIs, WordPress


Git, Jira, Trello, WebStorm, SVN, Bitbucket, Visual Studio, Sublime


English, Hindi, Agile, Scrum, MVC

Education level

Master of Computer Application



Senior Developer

Technologies used

Ubuntu, Express, NodeJS, Sequelize


A social networking application that helps different users in interacting with each other through chat features, share their daily life activities through posts and basic social networking activities. Apart from that, the application takes media sharing to the next level by enabling users to manage their own media storage and enabling other users to join it as a contributor.


  • Create the basic database setup
  • Make all the database related changes
  • Create REST APIs
  • Query on database to get the relevant data

Geek Paradise

Senior Developer

Technologies used

Linux, Webpack, Bitbucket, ReactJS, Bulma CSS, Redux


Web platform for comic book readers to explore the various comic book platforms like animated movies, real life movies, details about a character and comics.


  • Creating the initial setup of the project in Webpack
  • Creating the Frontend for the website in ReactJS and Bulma CSS for styling
  • Integrating Redux with the React components
  • Create Rest APIs to fetch content on the frontend
  • Create an insert panel to insert details regarding any content

Baby Destination

Senior Developer

Technologies used

Linux, Webpack, Node, React, PHP, JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML, CSS


Baby Destination is a content website for topics related to baby care. My role was to implement live site changes to the website after creating components for it, working from both, backend and frontend.


  • Create fully functional components for the website handling both, frontend and backend responsibilities
  • Integrate analytics tools with the website like Google Analytics and Clever tap

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