Case Studies

  • Cost Advisor
  • Web Development
  • C#, .NET, .NET Framework 4.0, MS SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET, HTML5, jQuery, XML

Client Requirements

The Cost Advisor is a US based company that provides services to businesses to avail competitive quotes for electricity and natural gas.

The requirement was to develop an online quoting engine to allow customers to search the best competitive proposal against their usage and build a quotation module that uses an accumulative calculation for different suppliers and shows different results at the time of search.


An online quoting portal was developed that allows different suppliers to register and add their quotes. Users can search for competitive quotations for electricity and natural gas utilization. They are required to enter the account number of their electricity and natural gas account and the cumulative usage for one year is displayed and competitive quotations based on the usage are shown on the user screens. The user can choose for the best quotes and the contract can be signed and submitted online. The amount and supplier name with complete details are automatically updated in the contract.

The portal includes an admin interface as well that allows administrators the ability to update pricing parameters, supplier information and further discounts so the quotes are always accurate and the most competitive.

The key modules of the portal were:

  • Robust search
  • Contract with auto-completion
  • Admin and user login, authentication
  • Diversions and accumulation in quotes
  • Suppliers can register as partners with specific partner code to log in to the account and manage quotes


The portal proved to be an invaluable tool to improve sales process. The client found it very useful and it helped him in increasing the business revenue and profitability. The company become one of the best companies in the sector. Huge ratio of suppliers is becoming partners with the organization. The productivity of the company producers was apparent by the numbers.

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