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Development of Online Job Platform

Client Requirements

Client came up with a concept of referring and earn in an online job portal solution. Apart from core features of job portal, the idea was to implement an environment where an employee of company can refer a candidate to his company and have referral benefits when candidate gets selected. By this system not only the candidate gets benefited but also employee of that company.


Focusing on the key feature of refer and earn credit points, a dedicated algorithm was created which will handle all transaction of credit points. And each user can keep track of their credit points getting credited or debited as per their use.

Apart from this all the company data was arranged in easy to search alphabetical order so that user can easily find the required company simply by the first alphabet. Keeping in mind the referral functionality website was integrated with most of the social sites and also integrate Google map functionality.

Refer and earn credit points system was made simple and easy to use by these 5 rules:

  • Rule 1: Invite other users and get 50 credit points
  • Rule 2: Post the latest job openings for the user’s company and receive 100 credit points
  • Rule3: Forward the latest job openings and the job portal will post the job and the user will get credit points
  • Rule 4: Complete profile information and user get 100 credit points
  • Rule 5: Apply for an application and the user will be debited 50 points

Job categories was designed for all kind of job profiles which will let user to find job by its job profile also. A spotlight section was also added for showcasing the trending and demanding jobs. 9+ categories were created to filter jobs according to the profile. And by integrating WordPress plugin, blog section is implemented so that visitors can have regular updates from website.


End-to-end development of a unique online job searching, posting and referring platform with 50+ company tie-ups. The launch of the job portal was a huge success with unique functionalities and a flawless user experience. A user can easily post a job or search a job in less than a minute and enjoy the referral benefits which has created a win-win situation with its numerous features.

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