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Online Directory Application for Health Specialists in UK

Client Requirements

The client’s requirement was to maintain and enhance the existing online system that improves connectivity between doctors and empowers patients to make informed healthcare decisions.

MyHealthSpecialist is an online directory application that is one of the most popular search engines for health specialists in UK. It includes UK’s largest database of recommended specialists, where all the specialists have been recommended by doctors, based on their own professional experience and patient’s feedback.


First task was to identify the critical and routine tasks and a dedicated virtual team was assigned for technical support and digital marketing to help the client’s application in attaining targeted traffic in the desired market.

Some of the tasks that were done as part of the enhancements included:

  • Redevelopment of search and ratings system to provide users the best place to find their health solutions and confirm their appointments
  • The search and doctor profile is the key area of enhancement in the portal, as it connects the patient and doctors
  • Elasticity in search and visual rating/recommendation were added to the portal that would facilitate better impressions and conversions
  • To improve rankings and appear in top search results, various updates are being done as per the digital marketing team’s suggestions
  • Exclusive dashboards for doctors to get updates on the members-only events of their perspective industry, track their profile performance and share educational material with GPs and patients through videos and blogs online within the portal


The new user-interface allows users a better experience when looking for their specialist by searching through keywords and also choosing between different specialist based on their need and the ratings. Doctors can also search for events and seminars, track their performance and also give valuable feedbacks and information to the users through blogs or videos.

Due to the enhancement in the user-interface and user-experience, the number of hits on the website increased.

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