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nopCommerce Platform Development with MS Dynamics CRM Integration

Client Requirements

The client US based is offering a multilingual online portal that has plethora of daily use assortments such as liquor, smoothies, coffee, tea and juices. The client wanted to have nopCommerce integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, development of custom nopCommerce functionalities and customization of their theme.


To develop functionalities in nopCommerce without customizing the core was a major challenge as nopCommerce may update the product version in the future and all changes and new functionalities made in the core code would then get over ridden by future product updates. Integration of nopCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics was also a major challenge.

For the first part, the team chose plugins to implement the new functionalities. This helped in keeping the new functionality as decoupled entity. In this case, even if nopCommerce is updated, there would be no functionality loss. The plugins shall keep continue working as designed.

For the second part, the team chose the Microsoft Dynamics 365 APIs for synching the data between nopCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. The team developed a synching application that helped the user synch data between the two systems.


The new functionalities enabled the end users to buy bundled products, for example 2 packets of tea + 1 packet of brown sugar + 1 pot of honey, as a single bundle or in multiples. This resulted in increased Gross Merchandise Volume on the e-commerce portal since clients can create custom bundles and save them as favorites for re-ordering purposes.

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