Case Studies

  • Private Company
  • Big Data
  • Java, Hadoop, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Hive

Learning Platform Data Analytics

Client Requirements

The client needed a data analytics platform. He needed it to know about the application usage and measure the learning outcome.

Dashboard is required to show different metrics of data with ability to filter by multiple dimensions and aggregated data need to be exported to spreadsheet and comma-separated values (CSV) files.


The team analyzed the requirement and proposed following solution:

  • Data logging is implemented using REST, Streaming APIs and Kafka to capture user activities in the web application
  • Captured data is stored in Cassandra column families
  • Hadoop, Hive, Cassandra and Elasticsearch are used for analytical processing, storage and querying
  • Real-time queries are served by Elasticsearch infrastructure


Successfully completed the requirement on time and the platform had a very positive response. The client can easily check the application usage and can measure the learning outcome.

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