Case Studies

  • Global Travel Company
  • ERP / CRM
  • Genpact Process Lifecycle Manager (PLM)

Implementing Process Management Product for Travel Services

Client Requirements

A global travel company which operates in 174 countries and arranges travel, meetings and events for different companies. They also help in design of travel program and policies that delivers measurable results for clients.

The customer was using the older business process and technology for their core business which included spreadsheets and other manual tools to keep track of things. The systems were not easily reportable and it was very hectic to assign work to different stakeholders and measure their productivity.


The team recommended Genpact Process Lifecycle Manager (PLM) as the product for their implementation. Using PLM, they were able to easily assign the work and effectively track the user output along with the completion of the assigned work.

The automation was built to send email reminders and escalations to the users. Also, the team added an option for invoice quality check which was configurable for different users and for invoice amount range. The automation was also built for the TAT and the customer could measure the productivity with the actual time taken to generate the invoice.


The customer team was able to easily find out how many invoices were processed by each user and also keep track of the outstanding invoices. For all open invoice cases they were able to manage those through the system. The customer was also able to identify how many invoices were waiting for customer response / payment and how many reminders and escalations have been sent for them.

The dashboards built for the system could give the clear idea to the senior management for performance of key business functions and were able to categorize based on country and regions where required.

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