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Dynamics 365 for Education

Client Requirements

Educational institutes / training institutes are operating like any other corporates in terms of business, operational practices and overall outcome in quality. This is making it imminent for the institutes to utilize technology and other industry standard practices.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is customized as Candidate Relationship Management and implemented for these institutes, allowing them to handle the entire process from reaching out to prospective students, enrolling them, designing and handling courses, batches, staff and other resources. This document brings out the ability of Dynamics 365 to suit the needs of an educational institute.


The solution offered needed to meet the following goals:

  • Candidate management: The leads collected from the website or through emails are directly moved into CRM. Once the lead is in CRM, sales people are allotted leads and CRM creates a set of tasks for lead nurturing for the sales representative. Continual reminders and nurturing is done with the CRM workflows and business processes. Automatic quotes are generated based on the course and modules the lead opts for. Any number of quotes with combinations can be created and emailed to the lead to choose from and that happens with just a button click
  • Course management: All courses can be defined within the system, along with the modules offered year wise, fee structure and schedule
  • Resource management: Allocation of faculty and scheduling classes for each of the batch, handling all required infra & other resources for the batch are handled with ease and with complete accountability

Once the students are enrolled, the entire student management is handled through this Dynamics 365 solution. This integrates various elements like attendance, course work, scores and fee payment. All courses, their modules and schedules are managed through Dynamics 365 entity customization.

Similarly, all resources including class rooms, infrastructure, teaching staff and other related staff scheduling is handled through this solution. Such automation reduces significant number of efforts in managing the institution.


The results have exceeded the expectations and it responded positively. Institutes can manage the whole process of student enrollment, course management, resource management in a more structured way.

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