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Client Requirements

HARMAN is the parent company behind an array of legendary brands that includes HARMAN Kardon®, JBL®, Mark Levinson®, AKG and Infinity Systems®. Harman Audio is a leading global provider of premium audio and infotainment solutions, engaging customers around the home, in the car and on the go.

Harman India had setup their e-commerce platform which runs on open source stack using Magento CMS. During a product sale, platform was not able to serve user when concurrent user count went up to more than 200 users. Optimization of environment was also a challenge as it was shared environment and provides limited access. Integration of frontend / backend cache product was not possible and high availability and scaling was missing.


A review of existing capabilities was done. It was decided to move the e-commerce platform to cloud infrastructure taking in-view the growing users to platform. Complete IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) migration was planned considering the availability of various AWS services. The decision was made to deploy an AWS solution capable of handling the demands of over growing users.

AWS migration was started and complete IaaS migration took place in 2 weeks with hardware / capacity optimization at various levels. Apache Web Server was setup on Ubuntu OS running on EC2 Large m/c in Auto Scale mode. Triggering event was set with help of CloudWatch monitoring. AWS ELB is used for load balance and scalability and AWS SES services for email to buyer. MySQL was setup on RDS and Route53 for Domain Control.

For performance optimization, AWS services like MemCache (Product Cache), Redis (Session Cache), CloudFront (Static Content Cache), S3 (Static Content Storage) were setup.


High availability and scalability were achieved with help of AWS auto scaling. Cloud migration helped to reduce both operating expense and capital expense by acquiring resources only when required and paying only for the same.

Besides that, there is improvement in overall system performance and page load time and since Amazon’s infrastructure is used investment and scaling is also reduced.

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