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  • Denmark Based Company
  • Big Data
  • Microsoft ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, SSAS, SSRS, Dundas Charts, Dundas OLAP Tool, Telerik Controls, Danish SMS Gateway

Business Intelligence Tool for Denmark based company

Client Requirements

The client is based in Denmark, Europe and has a leading consulting services and business intelligence management tools market.

The client required a BI tool which illustrates business intelligence in the areas of customer profiling, customer support, market research, market segmentation, product profitability, statistical analysis, and inventory and distribution analysis.

The main challenges were:

  • fetching details from the 3rd party ERP which may be utilizing different databases in SQL server and make it compatible with BI application
  • facilitating real-time updating of a new version of application through the web interface
  • providing dictionary and language translation facility in 7 languages
  • managing email templates and SMS services based on different alerts


A comprehensive solution was provided to the client that accepts a wide range of market data, technical parameters, and financial and service planning inputs to tailor it to deliver real-time statistics that can be harnessed to align business functions to strategic objectives and attain realistic, profit-oriented decisions with following features:

  • Dynamic DB integration - User can select any database, view its columns in the desired order as well as apply filters on the results returned from the database
  • OLAP Feature - Optimized and trusted third party solution is integrated to achieve business intelligence factor in the application
  • Reports - SSAS & SSRS are used to generate customized reports that fulfil concepts of sheer data mining, relational reporting, financial reporting, business reporting and can be extensively used for budgeting, analyzing statistics and forecasting
  • Time Registration Module - Scheduler and manager of tasks to keep a check on the business activities by recording time entries of the personnel involved in the business
  • Questionnaire- User can create a questionnaire of his own by adding questions with answers having multiple choice options or descriptive answers
  • Multilanguage Support - User can select any language of his choice, and the application on its own, translates and displays all pages in the language
  • Digital Asset Management Module - A separate module to upload, view, share online catalogues, articles etcetera
  • Document management - User can upload a new document, make changes in it as and when needed and download it. All documents remain secure on the application server
  • License Management - A separate application is used by the administrator to generate license and the business analysis tool takes care of the license privileges and expiration. This ensures that your source code assets and other sensitive information remain safe and sound


The client was able to streamline the entire process of analyzing, identifying real-time statistics and obtain strategic results.

Client drew many benefits with this association that include seamless integration with the accounting system, creating time savings, fact-based planning and scheduling that managed sale and quotes and easy availability of reliable and accurate information that helped in making effective business decisions.

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