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Business Analytics for QS Leap

Client Requirements

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The client had a problem that there was no visibility of the marketing efforts or user behavior and user engagement on their digital assets. This caused delayed decisions in product, growth as well as sales teams. It was almost impossible to take any data driven decisions.


The first and foremost challenge was what needs to be measured and viewed. The key performance indicators (KPI) and measurement framework was decided and then a sample data dashboard was created to understand the way reports would help data driven decisions. There were many data sources, such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, several tables from the CRM hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and data related to user behavior and engagement.

Data included the user engagement points like time spent in a class, number of questions solved for each exam and from each country. The data from various sources needed was read at various intervals, diced and sliced and then joined into various tables. The data was big. All data being mapped and prepared, was presented in the data visualization tool Google Data Studio.


The solution provided visibility and presence for the client in terms of marketing efforts and user management. It reduced the decision-making time and prompt decisions can now be taken based on the analysis report. The data was easily accessible and it was presented in a very structured manner.

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