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  • Private Company
  • Mobile App Development
  • iOS, Android, HTML5, C++, Java

Advanced Mobile Platform for Direct Product Advertising

Client Requirements

The client wanted to introduce a mobile application for advertising to revolutionize mobile commerce that would enable subscribers to perform online transaction via their mobile phones and eliminate chances of identity theft and credit card frauds. No additional hardware for either client or consumer was required.

Any potential customer could use the platform to advertise and promote their product directly through the mobile device and the consumer could view the products online before buying.


  • An appropriate custom secure solution was written for ISO 8583 messaging for mobile platform
  • A dummy backend system was simulated to show real-time transactions on platform before production backend system was ready
  • Mobile apps were built for Android and iOS platform with ISO 8583 messaging interface
  • Faster and secure payment transaction was enabled through reliable backend system
  • Advanced scalability and flexibility features were added
  • User was provided safe and secure mobile wallet that works with any credit or debit card transaction
  • Mobile Platform - ‘Centre of Excellence’ was created for quality service delivery and support experience and PCI compliance was adhered to


Since the introduction of the platform, a 13% escalation in user base was achieved and it also enabled our client to win investors’ trust and angel funding was secured within weeks of product launch.

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