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The fact that there is a shortage of skilled developers in Sweden and the Nordics is a fact that few people have missed. And according to recent studies, sanctioned by IT & Telekomföretagens IT-competence council, it is estimated that there will be a shortage of about 70 000 people in the IT sector by the end of 2022.

In Sweden, there is a general shortage of system developers and programmers, largely due to the wave of digitization and automation that has washed over virtually all social functions in society. Particularly, the need in system development is evident and competencies such as Java, .NET / C #, JavaScript and HTML5 are in high demand. We at Otivr want to solve Sweden’s coding problems. For two years, we have provided many Swedish companies with expertise in web development, app development and e-commerce thanks to the significant delivery capacity of pre-qualified developers that we have managed to acquire from India. We do not work with freelancers, only with larger suppliers, which strengthens quality assurance and also enables a scale-up for those customers who have larger and more complex needs. This matched with Swedish project management and support means that the quality of deliveries has been high and the possible gap in culture and communication has been bridged succesfully.

In order to strengthen our offering to our Swedish customers, we have also launched a new recruitment service. Experienced consultants, such as the PHP developer Vikash in the picture above, will be provided on site with the customers to meet the high demand in the Swedish market. We handle the entire administrative process related to visas, housing and travel and also offer a trial period for the developer, which allows the Swedish company to properly evaluate the developer in their own environment. The recruitment process is also performed quite cost efficient, so that the customer ultimately earns from the deal.

“We bring the developers to Sweden who would otherwise have gone to Fortune 500 companies in the US such as American Express. But instead they should come to the Klarna’s here in Sweden. We are growing rapidly and the success is mainly due to three factors: talented Swedish project managers, experienced developers and good prices,” says Ricky Dhillon, CEO of Otivr.

Sweden in general and the digital sector in particular is, and will continue to be, dependent on attracting the right global talent in order to remain internationally competitive. Otivr wants to play a key role in helping Swedish companies become better at taking advantage of the affordable and high quality foreign IT skills through a digital and secure procedure. We chose India as our supplying market because it is an attractive country to recruit from, due to the fact that Indians are good at English and because the country has many highly educated individuals in the IT sector where Swedish companies find it difficult to find staff.

Another important factor for our choice of India is that we have observed a positive shift in India with more female engineers who are educating themselves and we already have an extensive pool of developers who are women. In Sweden, only 20% of the employees in the IT sector are women and that number is actually decreasing. Here, we see a good opportunity to contribute a to greater diversity in the Swedish IT sector by delivering more female developers from India.

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