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Otivr is a Swedish software engineering and technology partner operating as a global network of independent suppliers of IT services, offering software engineering excellence for fast-growing Nordic organizations. Otivr was founded with the goal to help Western companies to more efficiently utilize the foreign high-quality IT skills to achieve their business goals with quality and at competitive rates.

Our network consists of 10,000+ IT professionals ready to serve your requirements with satisfaction within Web and Mobile applications development, E-commerce development, ERP, Cloud services, Integration and Automation services, Graphical production, Enterprise App Development, Quality Assurance, R&D, Big Data & Analytics and more.

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We are experts at working with remote teams, and our business model is aimed at eliminating the most common challenges in software development, such as communication issues and contextual misunderstandings. We use blended teams where Swedish staff handle project management and support to ensure global delivery with Scandinavian quality.

Only Pre-Screened & Professional Suppliers

A key factor for successful outsourcing experience is working with a professional counterpart and Otivr applies a rigorous screening process to qualify our verified IT Partners. Only the companies which are experts within their domains are onboarded and they follow established industry regulations and standards to ensure best-in-class delivery.


Otivr offer fast time-to-market and highly competitive prices for both IT projects and dedicated consultants. We efficiently source the competence and solutions you need through our vast network of IT professionals offering wide range of services including Web and Mobile applications development, E-commerce development, ERP and Cloud services.

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